Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The red beret

Just finished this lace beret for my daughter and it was time consuming but not difficult. This was the basic pattern Meret beret with some variations. Used Cleckheaton Country machine washable wool 8ply x 100gms and cast on 88 sts x 4.5mm. Made a 2x2 rib of 6cm and increased stitches to 143. Knitted three pattern repeats for a slouchy beret. Blocked finished item on a dinner plate to shape the lace pattern. This is a good pattern and the size and shape of the beret is excellent.


Jo-anne Blossy said...

Wow that beret looks amazing. I love the colour you chose.

Aussie Maria said...

I've had this pattern on my queue for ages.
Yours looks so pretty and love the red.
Really must do one

Ella said...

I like the pattern, it looks very pretty.

melissa said...

gorgeous gorgeous beret!
i love the color and the pattern - fantastic!!

Sally Anne said...

It looks very stylish Marion! Is your daughter a bit of a fashionista?

I have recently gotten into crocheting and knitting all sorts of things. I'm still just a novice, but enjoying it all the same! It's lovely when you have the finished piece. It's like a little bit of history with your name on it I think.

I got some supplies from this place http://www.alacraft.com.au/yarns-and-knitting-cat5 online because I have a sore hip at the moment, so have to rest the legs. Do you buy your supplies from a craft market or anywhere in particular?

Sally Anne

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