Thursday, October 6, 2011


In the last month I have experienced an amazing transformation with my vision as I have had cataracts removed from both eyes. Fortunately I have been able to have the new synthetic lens for each eye adjusted so that I will not have to wear glasses for reading, sewing or for other fine work. In between the two operations I was able to complete the drawings and watercolours for the art competition and they are now all framed and delivered to the country ready for the judging later this month. Here is one of the small floral paintings for a preview. (19cm x 14cm/ 5.5inches x 7.5inches)

And my next project? An appliqued and quilted wall hanging of Sydney Harbour for my grandson James. Have finished the design, just need to buy some of the fabrics, and I'm ready to start...

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Lynne said...

I'm glad the operation was successful. Mum is to have hers done at the end of next month.

The floral painting is gorgeous - good luck in the exhibition (I assume it is adjudicated?).

Can't wait to see the wall hanging!