Pen Pouch - boy's gift

Not called a pencil case to avoid the Kindy association but serves the same function. Could be made in team colours to provide some interest. Although this will never be an heirloom item it is still important to finish well and secure threads or it will be rejected. 

8ply/DK acrylic in 2 or more colours
velcro strip to be sewn to flap
3.75mm needles
finished size: 20cm x 6.5cm (8 inches x 2.5 inches) 

Cast on 40 sts in main colour. Slip first st each row for straight edge. Knit every row. 

Stripes for team colours:
1. Uneven stripe width:
Main colour - K 8 rows and carry yarn
Contrast colour - K 4 rows and snip yarn leaving short tail 

2. Narrow stripe:
Main colour - K 4 rows and carry yarn
Contrast colour - K 4 rows and carry yarn
Always join next colour from right side 

At about 12.5 cm (5 inches), cast off edge and sew in all threads at base of pouch.

Fold pouch in half on wrong side. Starting at top edge of pouch, attach length of yarn securely and sew seam by picking up edge loop of stitches from each side and securing. Continue sewing around base of pouch and finish off securely. 

Turn pouch to right side and with right side facing, pick up 15 sts across back of pouch.

Knit 10 rows then, Knit 2 tog. at each end of next row. Continue to knit each row until 20 rows completed. Cast off and secure thread.

Securely sew small strips of velcro to flap and pouch to close. Glue alone will not hold velcro.

Premier versions if you have the time and inclination:

1. When knitted, line flat pouch with fabric before sewing seam. Attach zipper to long edges then sew up seam ends. 

2. Make pouch wider allowing for a horizontal fold over flap. Make an icord or twisted cord from the two colours and attach to centre of top of flap, to tie around the case.

This is a variation adding a double drawstring instead of a flap and velcro.

 ( please add your own variations in comments)

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