How to make soles for knitted slippers

How to make soles for knitted slippers 

Pattern: Endless variations available  
Used 12 ply wool with 5mm circular needle. Cast on 50sts for small; 60sts for medium size slippers.
I made mine with a K1 P1 ribbed cuff. This is a child's slipper size. For large size slippers you can use 6mm needles and cast on 60sts. Remember to use a size smaller needles for the cuff but cast off in larger size needles.

Make a trace of your foot size on paper. Using a strong woven fabric cut double soles for each slipper. 

Glue pieces together with a craft glue leaving edges without glue. When dry sew edges with overlocking stitch on sewing machine.  

Punch holes in base of sole with large masonry nail and hammer or metal punch (using a solid board as backing) ready for sewing.

Sew slippers to sole using blanket stitch and strong acrylic yarn. When dry add crochet row at base of slippers to hide edge of sole.

Finished slippers


When I replaced the old ironing board cover recently I realised it could be recycled for the soles of knitted slippers. With the added wadding it is ideal and easy to sew on with linen thread using mattress stitch. If you don't have linen thread, waxed dental floss tape is also very effective and very strong. Works like a charm!
 PS. Just make sure you reverse the foot shape pattern for the sole for the other slipper so you don't cut two the same or you'll have two left feet...

 All finished

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