Sunday, September 21, 2014

Log Cabin knitted blanket - finished

Completed 12 squares that were then sorted into four rows of three and edged with navy blue wool

 Sorting the squares into a suitable design

Finished blanket folded in half showing six of the squares. The squares were washed by hand in a fabric conditioner and dried flat in the sun before being sewn together, as some of the wool was old

 Joining the seams from the front of the blanket using mattress stitch after joining them in strips of three. Hint - don't pull the thread tight with 8ply or you will distort the shape. Makes a neat seam.

 Reverse of blanket showing thread ends woven into strips in stretchy figure of eight pattern

Detail of woven ends showing how ends were secured and disappear into the knitted strips

What did I learn?
How to weave ends so that they remain stretchy and disappear.
How to join seams of different types of edging using mattress stitch
Thank you Staci for this pattern and these very useful videos

Decided to complete the blanket with 12 squares as I had used most of my left over wool and wanted to move onto a different project. Suitable size for the flat surface of a single bed. Lots of time and patience required to sew up the seams. Would not make squares again but pleased this blanket is finished!

My grandson's comment - " Love it!" (He will go a long way with comments like this...)


knittingsandwich said...

oh i love log cabining!
yours is gorgeous!!
although i agree with you - the seaming up is the least fun part!

Anita said...

Great finish to your knitted quilt. I have just started on one myself, it's really fun to do.
Cheers, Anita.