Katoomba Cowl

Katoomba is one of the original towns situated at 1000 metres in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Because of the inland location and altitude, the winters are cold with occasional snow. I designed this easy pattern for a charity knit, to provide a warm and comfortable alternative to a knitted scarf.

cowl with matching beanie

work in progress


100 gms x 8ply Australian wool
5mm circular needles x 80cm long
Using larger size needles to give a good drape to the finished cowl
6mm circular needles for casting on and casting off


Cast on loosely 100 sts + 1 st with 6mm needles

Turn needles. Join in circle being careful not to twist stitches, knitting first and last stitches together.

Change to 5mm needles

Knit 2 Purl 2 rib for about 5cm (2 inches)

Continue to knit each row until work measures about 33cm (13 inches)

Knit 2 Purl 2 rib for about 5cm (2 inches)

Cast off loosely with 6mm needle. 

Finished cowl should have soft drape for comfortable wear and measure about 38cm (15 inches)

 Here is a link to the basic hat pattern which is also very easy to make.

 Another excellent large ribbed beanie pattern -

This is another pattern link for a large ribbed beanie that is very suitable for men and is snug because of the ribbing. The men in my family - husband, son and son -in - law all say that this is the best beanie I've made for them... I use 10ply or 12 ply wool x 4.5 circular needles (96sts + 1 to join) and make it 25/26cm before starting decrease, for a generous edging over the ears. Simple decrease - K2tog, P2tog, across. Next 2 rows K2tog across. Leaving a long thread, use wool needle to close stitches. Finish off thread securely.


amleht67 said...

Thank you for the cowl pattern and do you have the hat pattern Please

Marion Starr said...

Glad you like the cowl pattern. Here is a link to the basic hat pattern which is also very easy to make. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/two-by-two-basic-beanie


amleht67 said...

Thank you for both these patterns as they will be great for the Homeless and the cowl could have the rib then moss st then rib to finish off...I wonder what other sts could be used...K2P2 as rib

Marion Starr said...

Have made much more complicated cowls but I designed this one to be a simple but practical knit for charity knitting. However you could easily add stitch variations for the rib.

Pamela Tatt said...

Very easy pattern, thanks Marion. It sits nicely on the neck. Will be making lots for charity as well as for myself.

Marion Starr said...

Thanks Pam. Glad you have found the pattern useful. Best wishes, Marion