Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy months

Visits from family have kept the house busy recently and next week they are back again but this time we will be in the Blue Mountains staying at our weekender. It is cooling off so there will be lots of knitting done in front of the fire, in particular for a little baby grandaughter that is arriving in a few months. Meanwhile have been busy making and collecting items for the Women's Refuge Resource Centre so they can distribute them throughout NSW. A wonderful response from all the knitters and crocheters at K4C who have been sending me parcels all this month. My work room has piles of beanies, scarves, toys, rugs, ponchos and jumpers stacked almost ready to go... I've been working on ponchos and teddies as these were the two most poular items last year. Just finishing one more poncho and then I'm done.

Also made this pink poncho for little Anastastia who visited this month. What a little sweetie, always happy and smiling. Made a lovely soft scarf for her mum Natasha that she may just need next week in the mountains.