Sunday, September 22, 2013

Felted slippers and spring flowers

Made these felted slippers today (although more correctly they are fulled because they have been knitted first), from the BWM Murano wool using this pattern Marsh Felted slippers. Before felting they were about 30cm long (12 inches) with the heel 19cm (7.5 inches).

After first hand felting they were firm but not small enough and one slipper was larger then the other. But after a second felting with a lot of kneading and rolling using bubble wrap, the slippers have shrunk to 25cm (10 inches) long and 13cm (5 inches) for the heel so much firmer.

Added a knitted rib to complete these cosy slippers. Just need to sew on the leather soles and they are finished!

                               Callistemon and Grevillea blossoms in the garden

                                              Maiden hair fern

                                An old favourite