Tuesday, June 21, 2011


July and August are birthday months around here so here's some gifts I've just finished making.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Growing up in the country in the 1950’s, one of the daily events was afternoon tea. This consisted of several cups of hot, strong tea and was accompanied by one of my Mother’s delicious cakes or square cracker biscuits (‘Simply Serve with Saos’) topped with a large slice of a home grown tomato. It was also an opportunity for a break from work and a pause in the day for the family members. In those days, the very same teapot that appears in the photo, wore a tea cosy made by my Nana who was an experienced knitter and expert at making very fine Irish crochet. Her tea cosies were usually multi-coloured and probably knitted from leftover wool as life had taught her to be frugal. So this is my ‘Afternoon Tea Cosy’ with homemade fruitcake, made with memories of a very happy childhood. Join me for a cuppa?

The Royal Souvenir teacup from 1902 of Edward VII (Queen Victoria’s son), that was given to me years ago, is very unusual as when it is held up to the light it reveals a portrait of the King. The ceramic has been moulded inside in such a way in various thicknesses, that it forms the portrait. Amazing!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mystery Knitted Object ...Revealed

It's a ...

Rosie Posy Tea Cosy

Variations:  As tea can be strongly staining when spilt, I used a darker wool for the body of the cosy rather than pastels, and also kept all the roses the same colour as I think this is a more elegant combination.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mystery Knitted Object 3

What on earth could these be? Still have to make at least another four to complete the project. The blue/green tube is now folded in half and sewn together.

Here is a clue on how they will look... Hope this all turns out okay...I'm sure someone knows what this is by now...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mystery Knitted Object 2

The mystery object has now become a tube but it's not a hat, a scarf or a cowl and it will be folded in half to complete. I think this probably gives the game away... The burgundy wool will be added next.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mystery Knitted Object

Any ideas on what this is? 

 Can you guess what I am making here? It is a bit frivolous but should also be useful. Watch this space for further developments and all will be revealed...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living in a cloud

For the past few days we have been staying at our weekender in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, enclosed by the mist, so we stoked up the fire and enjoyed the peace and quiet of mountain living. The ferns were almost luminous in the mist and the King Parrots soon arrived for their handout of sunflower seeds. The red parrots are males and the predominantly green parrots are females and immature males. They tend to move in large groups so there is a definite pecking order when it comes to feeding. I counted over 20 in this flock and you can see some waiting in the trees in the second photo.The much smaller Crimson Rosellas, who are predominantly red and blue, have to wait until the others depart. They are delightful little birds, and my favourites, and make a chattering noise to one another while they are feeding.