Friday, September 7, 2012

Recycling the recycled

 Thanks to Lynne, Melissa and Pat for their advice but the squares didn't make it through the week before they were pulled down. I don't think knitted squares are for me... So recycled again using a simple one piece pattern of purl and knit on wrong side and knit on right side. Decided to make this into a rectangle (about 36'' x 48'') and then add borders using some or all of these richer colours. Don't like the colours of the recycled wool. I bought it direct from an alpaca farm but I think they made the amateur's mistake of using too many colours, so might give it a burgundy makeover when finished. Like the back of the rug (in the second image) more than the front.


Lynne said...

Sorry about my deleted comment - my iPad sometimes makes unwelcome spelling changes that I don't like!

What I said was: "sometimes an over-dye is the best solution!" ;-)

Dorothy said...

I like the back side too ... are you making a blanket? I don't think I'd have the patience to take on such a big project in knitting. Crochet yes, but I knit very slowly and tend to get bored easily. I like the colours of your yarn.

pattas said...

I love knitted items.. and I look forward to seeing and reading how you go about the border... As you can tell I am not a strong knitter,, Crochet is more me :))
I am like Dorothy, I get bored very quickly with large projects..
hoping your weekend is not to cold and windy :))

cltoppen said...

I like the colors! Will be excited to see it when finished :)

melissa said...

you know, squares are not for everyone - i like your choice of pattern!