Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cakes and colonials

Spent a lovely spring afternoon with family here in Sydney, visiting Vaucluse House, an elegant colonial house that was home to William Wentworth and his family. The wisteria was in full bloom on the front verandah filling the air with a heady fragrance. Have visited the house many times but it is always a delight to return. 

Yesterday was a baking day and these two cakes are the result. The lemon cake was to take as a gift for lunch today (and it was delicious) and the fruit cake is for us. Recipes on the pages on the right. Thanks to all those who commented on my recycled rug project. Hope to finish it soon...


Lynne said...

I haven't been to Vaulcuse House in more than 35 years. Thanks for remaining me that it's still there!

pattas said...

It has been to many years since I visited Sydney,I was just a teenager holidaying with my parents.

Fruit cake is a favourite of ours.. :))
I have noticed the change in the fruit we buy..But happy to say that I found "Sunbeam had less dark sultanas and more of the tastey fruit Ï we love..
Thanks for sharing..:))

DEB said...

Beautiful pictures, I wish my wisteria was flowering, bit later here in Tasmania.

melissa said...

what a gorgeous home!
and your cakes look delicious!!