Ready Teddy in a square

Ready Teddy in a square 

8ply wool x 3.75mm needles x 5 colours
Square is knitted  in garter stitch except for head which is knitted in stocking stitch. 

Colour 1. Cast on 30 stitches and knit 4 rows garter stitch
Colour 2. Knit 20 rows
Colour 3. Knit 2 rows
Colour 4. Knit 14 rows
Colour 5. Knit 18 rows in stocking stitch. Cast off. 

Iron edges flat. Turn square to wrong side and tie off colour joins to secure. Pin long sides together matching colours. Starting at the bottom, sew  backstitch seam 2 stitches from edge. Pin top edges and sew with backstitch seam. Turn to right side and lift out top corners if necessary with wool needle for ear point. Sew running stitch from front and back on diagonal for each ear and gather slightly to shape to the front. Fill tube with fibre fill firming head shape until well filled. Sew across base of tube adding extra fibre if necessary. 

Legs - Stitch from centre front through to centre back to divide body in half, starting about 4 rows below waist. 

Arms - Stitch arms starting at waist and sew up to about 3 rows below neck. 

Neck - With head colour and starting at side seam, sew running stitch around bottom row of head shape and pull two ends together tightly to shape neck. Tie off and secure. 

Features - Mark position of eyes with pins. Embroider eyes, nose and mouth with darker wool. 

Safety -  Do not use plastic eyes as they can be swallowed by children. Do not add extra wool around neck as little fingers can be caught under the threads.

Ready Teddies by Marion Starr

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