Marion's Delicious Lemon Cake

Marion's Delicious Lemon Cake 

125 grams. margarine
1 large coffee mug raw sugar/250gms/8ozs
2 eggs
1 and half large coffee mugs S.R. wholemeal flour
half large coffee mug milk
3 lemons
1 dessertspoon icing sugar 

Heat oven to 150 degrees and prepare cake tin by lining with two layers of foil.

Beat margarine and sugar with mixer until creamed, add beaten eggs. Stir in milk and beat until mixture is light and fluffy. Add flour gradually. Add more milk if mixture is too stiff. 

Grate rind of three lemons and add to mixture. 

Bake in moderately slow oven about 40 minutes or until golden brown and firm. 

While cake is cooking, squeeze lemons and add icing sugar to make a glaze. When cake is cooked and while it is still warm in tin, pour the glaze over the cake. Leave to cool before cutting. Delicious!


Anna Kiff said...

Curious to know - how much would a "coffee mug" be worth - 250 ml or ??? I have LOTS of coffee mugs - but they are all different sizes. I'd love to give this a go this w/e - so hoping to hear back from you :)

Marion Starr said...

Anna, have measured the contents of a large coffee mug and updated the details to be more exact. So 250gms or approx. 8 ounces would be correct. It really is a delicious cake so make sure you try it!