Friday, August 31, 2012


As some of my favourite UK detective shows (Morse, Lewis, Poirot to name a few) are currently being recycled in Australia, I needed a simple knit project while watching them, as it is impossible for me to sit and not make something. This knee rug/throw was made some years ago in one piece but was always very heavy as I used three strands of yarn. So decided to recycle as it is a hand dyed alpaca/wool yarn but it needed to be all pulled apart first. This is the progress so far... Not sure I really like it much...The squares are very boring.  Any helpful suggestions? Maybe add some squares in solid colours?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Now we are two...

A little bag for the birthday girl

and a hooded jacket for her big brother  

a vintage red
the denim look
The last two months have been difficult with the loss of our dearest family member but life goes on and time now to finish all those projects on the list. The red vintage jumper was very successful and looks great. Of course I had to make a jumper for my son in law as well and it fits him perfectly.