Monday, April 2, 2012

Is it a slouchy or is it a tam?

The name seems to vary depending on where you live but the shape of the hat remains the same. While browsing for some items for teenage girls for my current charity knit collection, I found that these hats are popular and the favourite colour is purple. So this donated kid mohair blend was in one of my storage boxes and after checking on ravelry, adapted a pattern to suit. Have also made several more cowls using leftover 5ply wool.


Puppet Lady said...

I'm not sure what to call the hat - to me a woolly hat is a woolly hat, but of course it has to have the correct name for a teenager! I like your cowls, especially the peachy coloured one.

melissa said...

hmmmm.... maybe i would call it a beret?
either way, it's lovely!
as are your cowls!

Ella said...

I would say that it is a slouchy.Nice cowls.

Ella said...
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