Monday, December 12, 2011

In an octopus' garden near a cave

Who knows what lies below the turquoise waters of Sydney harbour? I hope James enjoys this for his room. It was fun to add Nemo and Dory, and all the other sea creatures to keep him entertained. (Thanks to the Beetles for inspiration and yes, James knows the songs too) Finished size 23 inches x 37 inches (58 cm x 94 cm)

Technical notes: Great video on binding mitred corners

Learnt that my machine didn't want to sew with metallic thread so had to sew some designs by hand, and that sequins will melt if you accidently hit them with a hot iron!


Lynne said...

But I can't see the binding!

Seriously, it's gorgeous!

Marion said...

Thanks Lynne, have added more details and a photo of the binding, complete with mitred corners!

melissa said...

wow! this is amazing work!

mrcrozer said...

Lovely colors, and great work !