Monday, December 5, 2011

Eriskay update


The Eriskay jumper is coming together with front, back and one sleeve completed. The only problem is that it seems I probably spun this natural-coloured Merino yarn from two different fleeces or perhaps from just a different section of the fleece. As a result, as you can see in the two balls of yarn, the one on the right is slightly warmer in colour. It doesn't look very different here but when knitted there is an obvious variation in hue. However I guess that is just a characteristic of homespun. This is the original homespun jacket that I recycled.


Lynne said...

The jumper is looking good.

Linda Gilbert said...

Marion -- Thank you so much for popping into "Chalky's World!" I see exactly what you mean about a joint love of Teddies. Yours are beautiful -- so neat and full of character.
I hope you pop in often.
Kindest Regards Linda

rachael said...

ooh, but SO very pretty!