Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Recently found a full pack of this soft Merino yarn at Vinnies (400 gms) and after looking through various patterns, found this very popular Mara pattern 

The yarn has a hand spun appearance and I am using 6mm needles so the finished item will have a good drape. Have changed the increase loop over, to knit through centre loop instead to reduce the large holes in the original pattern. These stitches are made from right and left to create a sloping stitch either side of the centre line.

 I'm not really a shawl person so will probably wear it more like this as a casual scarf/wrap. Hope mine looks as good as this.

This little female possum visited last night and as you can see she much prefers a soft apple to the beans. She is not very big, about the size of a small cat, and is quite tame.


Lynne said...

Great find, nice pattern! Cute visitor!

Puppet Lady said...

I'm sure your wrap will turn out great. What a cute little creature. I've never seen a real live possum!

Anonymous said...

i made a mara shawl for a friend a few years ago - your all white one is going to look gorgeous!!

and oh your possums are so much cuter than the ones we have in the states! :)