Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the pink

Some more charity knitting items including an odd ball cowl. Seemed like a good idea at the time but finishing off all those ends was a pain. The cowls are quite long so have been folded for the image. Can't stand skimpy cowls as they need to be long enough to drape well so they look good.

Although the date indicates it is Autumn here in Sydney, it is warm and sunny and the veggies are surging ahead. This is the second crop of beans this season and almost ready to pick. Fortunately they are not to the possums' taste so can be left uncovered unlike the other veggies that have to be covered in a net to foil these nocturnal visitors.


joy said...

Spring is here in the UK, but its far too cold still.Looking forward to some lovely veggies, but I think they'll be a bit late this year.
Joy xx

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful parade of handknits!! everything looks wonderful!

we've finally had a bit of a warm up over here, so *almost* all our snow has melted... and now we're in the mud season until things dry out a bit! :)
love seeing your beans... we'll be there in a few months!

Maria said...

Love all those knitted items, Marion! Those bean plants sure look healthy. Possums are a problem here too but I was surprised to see that a cucumber that was almost ready to pick...has disappeared overnight :-(

Lynne said...

Lovely knits!