Saturday, January 23, 2010


Have just completed my first knitting project for the new year with an 8 ply bamboo yarn that I haven't used before. Made by Sirdar, it's called Baby Bamboo and is a bamboo 80% and wool 20% blend. Easy to knit, the finish is like a cotton yarn but with a silky sheen. The colour is ecru (beige) but under light it has a silvery look and I chose this because it is a birthday present for F so she can wear it at night over a black dress, when she is playing the flute. It is a vogue knitting free pattern ( called a sleeveless wrap top and I adapted the pattern for 4mm needles and made it in a small size.

Found this wool at my favourite Vinnies shop last week. It was being sorted on the counter so I was able to buy the lot for 50c per ball! It will be great for some of the charity knitted items in the next few months.

Hope everyone enjoys Australia Day and manages to cope with the heat this weekend. I'm off to watch the cricket again on tv, and to do some knitting for J, in front of the fan.


Anonymous said...

My goodness do I see some Heirloom/Cleckheaton. What a bargain. I wish our St Vinnies and op shops sold yarn.

Marion said...

This is probably the best bargain that I have found at Vinnies as they don't often have 8 ply wool just acrylic. But this time I was lucky as I think this wool had only just been donated. They know that I knit for K4C and am always looking for wool so sometimes give me wool odds and sods. What goes around comes around...