Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recycling again...

Since I wasn't happy with the fit of a jumper I made last year decided to start over with a better pattern. Choose an easy pattern from this fabulous book and was delighted to find that it is a continous knit in the round without seams. Have not tried this before for such a large item but it's easy going without purl rows. At this rate will have it finished for this season!

The finished jumper should look like this and will be making the alternate neckband without the buttons.

This hat and scarf is a gift for a friend who has been very generous with his time recently.


Anonymous said...

oooh what a great pattern choice!! it's going to look great in that color too!

Anita said...

Those knitted things are going to come in handy for the winter. Happy knitting.
Cheers, Anita.