Monday, February 13, 2012

Another chullo hat

This turquoise hat is a gift for a friend's little girl so I hope she likes it for the cooler months... they are fun to make and the patterns are always random with each hat a different design depending on the colours I have available. Perhaps I should make some for the markets as my daughter is hoping to have a stall soon... Here is a link to the basic pattern chullo hat  although I use a k1 p1 for the rib for a firmer fit.

Have also completed another child's vest for the collection next month for the NSW Womens Refuge Centres. Many women have two or more children with them when they have to move to a refuge centre, so lots of items needed for children as well as for their mothers.


Lynne said...

I love the colours in that hat - gorgeous!

melissa said...

what a very sweet little hat!

Maria Aussie said...

Gorgeous hat - what pattern do you use? I see your balancing your 'boy' knits with your 'girl' knits for the charity - well done

Marion said...

Thanks for your comments folks. Have added the pattern link.

Best wishes