Monday, October 18, 2010


Family birthdays for the past few months have kept me busy making gifts for everyone and here are some of the photos. The lace wrap for my sister was probably the most difficult but the final result was worth the effort. Started with an idea to spin some fine merino wool for the wrap but after a trial decided to use a standard yarn instead. Also made a hat for William for his first birthday and a ski hat for A as well as numerous scarves for other gifts.


Maria said...

The shawl is amazing - lucky, lucky sister

Marion said...

Thanks Maria. This kind of knitting teaches patience as it was so easy to make mistakes, but they didn't always show up until the pattern repeat which meant a lot of unravelling and re-knitting. However I was determined to finish it and was pleased with the final result. After blocking the shawl was much longer than expected but that wasn't a problem.